Welcome to the world of Fascinating Scent, the site where you may find Fascinating Scent: A Tracking Manual and The Fascinating Scent Tracking Workbook,  a tracking camp to increase your tracking success,a puppy training book, a parade of tracking breeds, a few quilts to view, some radio controlled airplanes and some friends who love to talk about tracking.

The Round Cat Trilogy is Susan’s new fiction book which will be enjoyed by children and adults. It is not a “once upon a time” or “living happily ever after” story. It is about livback cover aing happily now, finding your dreams, and making them come true. The book is  publisher’s, but the release available through this website (autographed copies) at bookstores or online. This book will prove to be entertaining while reinforcing many lessons the parents want to teach their children. I hope you will read the book with your family, and share the lessons with your friends and their families. The book is available in hard cover, soft cover and for all types of electronic media. It is available online at the major sources of books as well as in bookstores. I invite you  to write a review at any of the online sites once you have read the book. Check out the page on this website for more information or to buy signed copies as this is the only place to find autographed copies.  All copies sold here will be autographed by both the author and the illustrator. Orrin is working on a book of his tracking posts OOOO. This is a big project and will probably take a long time. Orrin also  has created a Fascinating Scent Facebook page which is public.  Susan is also on Facebook and there is also a page for The Round Cat Trilogy. I am still working on the new tracking book which is a book for beginners with lots of explanation of theory, how to, what to do and why things work. I want to add a CD so this will take a while.